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INTC Stock

After many days of decline, Intel stocks gained over 2% when the company announced its chips will be no more than 10% slower. But I’m left to wonder how much would the negative publicity, class action lawsuits, and reactions from consumers would impact the long term profitability of the company.


Currently, INTC blue chip stock has a fairly valued PE ratio of 15.2, with fair dividend yield of 2.5%. In the absence of the security flaw, INTC gained close to 20% since last October. The security flaw reduced the gain of long-term investors of the company to over 17% gain, while the new investors saw over 7% decline in their holding.  But how much more would this cost the new investors?


With the hope that the company would not see a surge of more lawsuits from consumers claiming losses for their investments, we can hope that those investors who will be holding the stock for the next year would see no real gain. With the enormous reliance of consumers on Intel chips, I can see a decline in market share as consumer appetite would shift toward  other chip manufactures. Similarly, corporations and industries would try to manage their exposure to supplier’s mistakes and their negative publicity by incorporating a larger mix of parts in their work flow or responding their purchase orders.

Overall, Intel is a great company and for long-term investors, INTC stocks are well valued in the range of $39 to $45 over the course of next year.

Cryptocoin Articles

NEO Cryptocurrency

With astonishing gains over the past few months, has NEO rallied enough? Could it see a decreased growth rate, or does it have the potential to lock in more gains?

With a market capitalization of 8 billion, I firmly believe that NEO hasn’t reached its full potential yet, and the development team hasn’t locked in the true potential of the blockchain. I don’t see any slowdown in growth of the coin over the upcoming months. With the technology that it promises, NEO should be valued many multiples more. To be fair, I am holding 5 NEOs myself, not a huge investment, but as a student 5 coins are a lot of of money! LOL.

Access to capital, management of assets, and brainless-contracts & dumb-regulations has stopped new companies from forming,  drove multiple businesses to ground, and brought the world economies to its knees. Today, we are seeing an paradigm shift on how assets are transferred, companies formed, and smart contracts that are seamlessly executed. During this transformation, industries that oppose to adopt to the new era, would realize reduced market-share. Whatever your belief is regarding the comparability of cryptocurrency to fiat money, you can’t ignore the technologies that they are offering. Resistance of some corporations and politicians to these technologies are not ignore-able, and everyday, they create volatility in this market. But there are profits for any long term investor, with the vision to see the benefit of the technology, and talent in spotting gems in a sandy & stormy coast. With a true wish that no soul is lost in this stormy weather.